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‏As a patient, we provide a wide range of routine and advanced tests, as well as programs that meet the needs of different age groups

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‏Our exclusive tests packages provide our customers with multiple and flexible options to meet their healthcare needs in a reliable and professional manner at competitive prices, while maintaining the quality of service and results accuracy.

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We realize that time and convenience are vital for our clients, so we provide a safe and professional home sampling service for the convenience of those with chronic diseases who are unable to attend the laboratory.

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We guarantee the high quality of all medical tests we provide using the latest available technology and a team of qualified specialists, with a commitment to providing fast and accurate test results.

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At the Nawat Lab , we offer a wide range of advanced medical services and analyzes to ensure your health and comfort

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How you prepare for the test depends on the type of test you will have, and you must follow the instructions for the test to get accurate results

 Follow the instructions for the examination
 Avoid strenuous exercise before the examination
  Maintain psychological calm and relaxation

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 We provide you with accurate results as quickly as possible, so that you can obtain the necessary health care through WhatsApp

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A valuable service to improve the quality of health care for those who have difficulty reaching the laboratory

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A specialized team ensures that you obtain accurate and reliable results and follow up with precision and high professionalism.

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    قد استفدت من خدمات مختبر نواة المتقدم الطبي لإجراء فحص السكري. كان المختبر مجهزاً بأحدث التقنيات والأجهزة، والفنيين مدربين ومؤهلين. حصلت على النتيجة في وقت قصير، وتلقيت نصائح طبية مفيدة من الطاقم. أشكر مختبر نواة المتقدم الطبي على رعايتهم واهتمامهم.

    عبدالرحمن السعيد

    اخترت مختبر نواة المتقدم الطبي لإجراء فحوصات الزواج. كان المختبر نظيفاً ومريحاً، والموظفين ودودين ومتعاونين. تلقيت النتيجة في وقت قصير، وكانت سعادتي لا توصف. شكراً لمختبر نواة المتقدم الطبي على جعل هذه التجربة سهلة وممتعة

    فاطمة الحسيني

    زرت مختبر نواة المتقدم الطبي لإجراء بعض التحاليل الدموية. كانت الخدمة سريعة ومهنية، والنتائج دقيقة وواضحة. أنصح الجميع بزيارة هذا المختبر للحصول على فحوصات طبية عالية الجودة

    محمد العبدالله
    Marriage test is not included
    5% OFF
    Marriage test is not included
    5% OFF